Best shorts for short legs

The first-rate shorts for quick legs you will love those shorts – Best shorts for short legs – they are a touch stretchy which becomes top for me.

I will say that the waist becomes a chunk huge, so I rolled it within-side again to make it match better.

I’d suggest those to everyone searching out a reasonably priced pair of denim shorts! For reference, I’m 5’1″, one hundred twenty-five, length 6 and it gave me the Medium.

I’d likely buy the M once more, however, get the waist taken in a chunk.

I’m four eleven and 126 lbs. I sold the scale, medium, and within-side the shade action blue.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

These are smooth and stretchy! They are longer within-side the again and cowl your butt.

I just like the slits within-side the shorts at the aspect as it lets in your legs to breathe.

I’m a mother of and those are best for transferring and bending down.

The front wallet is large My entire tele cell smartphone suits without peaking out.

I love those and plan to shop for extra hues. First-rate shorts for quick legs We all recognize how women’s sizes run.


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I put on a length 10 in a few pairs of pants/shorts and a length 12 or 14 in others. I’m 5’3″ and weigh 160 lbs.

I ordered XL; they match however is a touch free.

I likely should are becoming away with a Large however wouldn’t be as cushy.

I will probably become ordering a big later. They are stretchy. Overall, I am very satisfied with the buy.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

I am approximately 12-14 and rarely put on shorts and I actually have large thighs, so it’s pants all the way.

However the latest journey to HI required jean shorts, and those have been best.

I order a length as much as have a looser match.

However, I become very satisfied and plan to reserve extra and put on the extra as soon as the climate warms up.

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First-rate shorts for quick legs, I am probably the pickiest individual for shorts.

I ordered those wondering that is silly, they’ll both be top-notch quick or top-notch tight.

They are amazing! Could’ve even longer gone a length down as they stretch out a chunk this put on.

It gave them terrific. I actually have extensive hips and thighs, those matches the first-rate.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

Not too quick, however, the slit on the edges offers them a sexiness to them!

Great wash and top-notch stretch, making them comfy

portable am now no longer commonly one to take time to study things, however, I love them and were given lots of compliments!

Update: sporting those shorts and are protected up properly after a gazillion wash 🙂

Hands down, my favorite shorts I actually have ever owned.

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When you first positioned them, they may be a chunk cushy at the hips, however, after some minutes, appears to alter properly.

These shorts are a terrific length; I’m a mother, however, revel in shorter shorts :).

They do now no longer take hold of your thighs and the aspect slit is a pleasing detail.

The washed shade action becomes precisely what I become searching out in shorts.

I usually put on a length ten (“small” waist, however big hips).

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

Very cushy, and that they have held up properly. ‘

The fabric is jean, however, with a few stretches.

first-rate shorts for quick legs I usually put on a length 18 and I ordered a 2X.

I become hesitant approximately those fitting (I assumed they might be too small) even after starting them.

To my marvel of eleven, though they have a pleasing stretch and match terrific!

I’m excited to have located a couple of shorts for summer that isn’t “mother” shorts however additionally do not appear ridiculous on me. These are truly adorable.

I ordered a Medium. I am ALL hips, butt, and thighs. I put on a length 6 Old Navy.

Sometimes an eight in different brands. 5’5″, 148 lbs, 31″ribcage, 28″ waist, 39″ hips, so small higher and curvy bottom.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

The medium is SUPER tight, however, with the stretch, I should zip them. Returned for a Large (length 12-14!!!) and that they match, however aren’t free like I become hoping.

I’ll maintain the Large considering I want to drop 10 lbs besides after which they may be best. Size up 2 sizes in case you want ’em free and baggy. Size up 1 length for the top match.

Unless you haven’t any curves!! first-rate shorts for quick legs These are the BEST shorts ever.

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I cherished them a lot I sold a 2d pair nearly straight away after you have the primary pair. The stretch in those is amazing.

Like we’re speaking SO stretch. They are past comfy.

I am thick within-side the thighs and hips, so locating jean shorts that match me and appear adorable is sort of impossible. Please do yourself a desire and purchase them.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

For real. Ordered them in mild blue then were given them in darkish blue.

Just a phrase to the smart the darkish blue got here in a tad larger than the mild blue even though equal length and style…

I’m going to cut back them within-side the washer/dryer…so we’re going to see.

These shorts are adorable!!!

I’m 5’four 112 lbs and you could truly see a touch cheek whilst walking, best beach/lake shorts…

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however, I might be cautiously now no longer to put on whilst you’re going to be sitting in a group of distant places like at an entertainment park…

because the publicity is probably too case you recognize what I mean!

I love those! They have a lot of stretches and that made those top-notch comfy.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

It gave me the medium blue shade action and they may be truly smooth and don’t dig into you.

I am 5’nine and one hundred twenty-five lbs for reference and the small match best.

They are quick, especially on me considering I’m tall, however, they blanketed the entirety within-side the again.

So in case you are a tall woman and are k with quick shorts, those will offer coverage.

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I simply desire they got here in different hues especially black or white.

IM OBSESSED WITH THESE SHORTS!!! I ordered a black pair and a mild denim color.

I usually put on a massive, however went up at length because they may pull the shorts healthy looser across the thighs and right to appear greater disheveled and cozy.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

Also, the looseness across the thigh offers it a retro mother appearance! I do not write reviews, however, those shorts are really well worth it! Buy them!! These are fantastic, lovely shorts.

They are on the shorter side, which I like. Button proper round stomach button area.

Really at ease, The fray is excellent. I could really say purchase those.

You get several put on out of them.

First-class shorts for brief legs These shorts have been lovely, fantastic, smooth, and had plenty of stretch to them, however, I became very disappointed within-side the sizing. I’m five’2” and 108 lbs

– I normally put on a length 26 in pants and ordered a length Small which ended up being approximately 2 sizes too huge for me.

I suppose they want to extrude the sizing at the list as those shorts in a length small could be higher appropriate for a person who may be a length 2-four.

I’m five-zero”, 120lbs was given a length 4 and that they healthy thoroughly AFTER I eliminated the sewing that held the second one roll within-side the cuff.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

Before that, they have been only a little too brief and hit the spot at the pinnacle of my thighs that made them roll up even higher.

The picture shows after the sewing became reduce, and I unrolled it once.

These short, healthy PERFECTLY! I put on a length eight, that’s what I ordered, and I am very pleased.

I do now no longer “brief” shorts and the duration on those is best for me.

I’m in little thick in thigh thighs and those do now no longer reduce into me. Very comfortable -Best shorts for short legs.

Ordering any sort of type of denim or bottoms at the net may be tricky.

These are FANTASTIC! I deliver the maximum of my weight at the decrease of 1/2 off of my body.

I like my Jean shorts to healthy comfortable to intensify my booty.

This ROCK! Not too tight within-side the stomach and stretch properly across the hips.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

I’m five-four” and ordered a massive (length 10 at the tag) I put on a length nine so in case you do as properly the massive could be fine.

These aren’t fantastic brief, however, probably now no longer length sufficient for work.

I’m sporting for a cruise subsequent week and so satisfied I ordered them -Best shorts for short legs.

I was given the darkish blues I determined to reserve two latest shorts after my different pair that I’d offered in keep many years in the past determined to wear down with lousy tears/rips within-side there again after a duration of time & I should say.

These shorts are simply PERFECT!

At first, I wasn’t precisely positive whether to go along with both a length of zero or a 2, as this is the scale that I normally am regarding pants length.

however, something internal of me advised me to go along with a 2, so that is what I went with simply to be at the ‘secure side’ & they healthy thoroughly with no issues!

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

I shall really consider ordering every other pair quickly to be capable of transfer now and then These have really now turn out to be my new fave pair, which might be best for the spring/summer season months!

These healthy so beautifully. I’m now no longer one to put on shorts because I constantly purchase sick becoming ones.

I sincerely suck at locating correct ones and after attempting for five months to locate shorts in each branch keep close to me, I discovered those on Amazon -Best shorts for short legs.

Thanks to all the women who did an excellent task reviewing them, I became capable of getting the scale first-class for me. I’m five-four” and put on a length of four or 6, relying on the brand.

I offered a 6 and that they have been best. They are brief, so be aware of this.

Please observe you do should put on them with self-belief in case you’re going to get them.

I do desire they made none distressed variations of those, however, they are so lovely!

I am so satisfied with those shorts. I am a mother of two and cannot pull off the fantastic brief shorts in which 1/2 of my butt hangs out.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

But I am additionally handiest 28 and am now no longer prepared for lengthy shorts elastic shorts that come to my knees.

I sense like this is all you may locate within-side the stores. There isn’t any satisfying medium.

These are an appropriate duration and fantastic comfortable. I love it. It’s really perfect jeans shorts -Best shorts for short legs.

Not scandalous, not like different shorts, which usually tighter/shorter than a bikini lol.

It gave me S, I’m 122lbs, waist 30, hips 34, thigh 21. five (widest). 7in above my knees.

I without a doubt love those shorts, offered them in many colors.

They’re very flattering and stretchy, so they’re fantastic comfortable.

They are a tad shorter than I became hoping, however not anything fantastic inappropriate.

Super lovely and they are my favorite shorts.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

The handiest drawback is that they are a piece huge across the waist, however now no longer a lot it is fantastic great or now no longer wearable.

These are critically so smooth and snug best for simply chilling at domestic or short errands around town.

To me we have seized them a piece small however I even have huge hips and butt.

I went with XL because I figured they’d be small.

Compared to Nike exercising shorts, I put on medium because I’m an eight in bottoms -Best shorts for short legs.

I must are becoming a medium! They are tighter than I concept they could be I misjudged!

The healthy and are lovely! If you need a looser, greater comfortable health, I could length up!

These Jersey knit shorts are to swoon over!

I am five-four” a hundred and seventy lbs I ordered a massive primarily based totally off on different evaluations and that they suit perfectly.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

These are strong sufficient to wear down for an evening in town and cushy sufficient to a front room across the residence.

Wanted to like those so much! They had been huge.

Some humans stated to length up if you want the larger suit, so I ordered an M rather than a small.

But I become drowned in them. The legs had been big and it becomes very unflattering-Best shorts for short legs.

In phrases of the material, it’s so stretchy and tender.

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That becomes remarkably nice!

For reference, I am a hundred and five pounds, five-four.

Four I desire I might’ve gotta pair sizes large so I ought to sincerely put on them in public my butt eats them up and they’re sort of tight within-side the waist.

They won’t be flattering in case your tummy is greater or the identical length as your hips! Warning!

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

It gave me a massive and am a 6-eight woman’s.

I nearly experience barely even carrying those simply around my residence lol.

And if I positioned them within-side in the dryer, neglect about approximately it.

It gave me medium length, I am five’3″, one hundred twenty lbs/athletic, 38″ hip, and put on a medium in underclothes.

They suit notable, and I actually just like the length, brief however now no longer skanky brief-Best shorts for short legs.

The cloth is a chunk reasonably priced and thin (now no longer see via), however, those are for summer season put on so it truly is fine.

Was thrilled to locate they have got pockets! Loved those and was given heaps of compliments.

I put on a four-6; the medium becomes a touch too huge.

Gave them to my buddy and purchased the small- suits perfectly! For reference, I’m five-four and weigh 175.

I sold an XXL. These shorts are lovely and mild weight.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

The cloth is a cotton and polyester blend (65% polyester) which may come up with a higher concept of what those shorts experience like.

We see them via sufficient that you could see the shadow of your palms in case you unfold the cloth, however, I don’t have a problem with seeing my underclothes once I bend over.

If you’re curvy and need to put on them excessive waited, I’d endorse now no longer shopping for them when you have each a massive butt and a gut (like me 🙂

they’ll now no longer be lengthy sufficient within-side the crotch to be comfortable -Best shorts for short legs.

But I assume when you have one or the opposite, you’d be okay.

They suit notable if I put on them around my hips with plenty of more room of length.

Definitely a few cheeks if I bend over, though. Until you’re remarkably tiny without a with 0 geopotential to supply muffin pinnacle, tight elastic waistbands are tricky.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

I ordered a med. My common pass too and the waist become simply too small.

Did now no longer appears lovely on me. For reference, I’m five ft4 a hundred and forty pounds.

I even have had kids. So I even have a touch little of a thicker waist. Size up is an option-Best shorts for short legs.

The cloth becomes ok. Soft yes. I might also additionally re-order a brand extra pair.

I simply gave mine to a chum of mine who’s constructed like a 12 12 months vintage lol.

 Best shorts for short legs

those shorts are actually lovely, the cloth may be very light-weight and stretch.

Not very tender, however desirable weight and motion within-side the cloth.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs

I might’ve favored the caps at the drawstrings to be black because I recognize the silver-painted plastic will chip, however for the cloth I plan to hand wash and air dry them, anyway.

It gave me XL and they’re a chunk at the small so in case you are uncertain length up, when you have a huge bum and plan to attend those greater excessive wasted you might get some cheek to peek.


Overall actually lovely shorts, they’re nicely made for the price.

And did I point out they have got pockets! I love those!

I examine the evaluations earlier than hand to assist locate the proper length

– I might order a Large with objects like those, however, I ordered a Medium and they’re perfect-Best shorts for short legs.

I am five’10 and 155, with a complete bum and they’re lengthy sufficient even if I wore them excessive waited or at my herbal waist.

They are remarkably tender; the material appears like a terrific quality, cool cloth, and the coloration is excellent-Best shorts for short legs.

Definitely really well worth it! I’m five’2” 118 lbs and I ordered a medium because I didn’t need them to take a seat down to brief or fitted.

They suit as I expected, they’re actually lovely and mild cloth.

Best shorts for short legs

Best shorts for short legs




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