Best underwear for period pads

Best undies for duration pads I’m a primary time customer and desire I might have acknowledged approximately those earlier than.

I sold one pair to try to after in the future I’m again to reserve some greater pair Best underwear for period pads.

If you’ve ever ruined garments or mattress sheets due to an unpredictable waft-order this now. If you need to be in paintings conferences again to again with restricted toilet opportunities, those are a should have.

I appreciated this product very much, the primary time I’m the use of something like this. It covered fine.

My best difficulty becomes that it becomes a piece larger, or maybe “cheekier” than I might have appreciated (primarily based totally on the sizing chart).

Best underwear for period pads

Best underwear for period pads

I ordered a distinctive fashion withinside the equal length, so with any luck that one will in shape better. I become Very skeptical once I sold this however I’m so happy I did, those are an actual sport changer .

No want for tampons or pads simply get put on those undies & you’re set .

This is past convenient, now no longer to say fantastic for the environment. So smooth to smooth simply a device or hand wash & air dry.

I don’t understand what to THINK! I become so excited to in no way leak once more.

Best underwear for period pads

Best underwear for period pads

The panties are so smooth and you may listen to the era that makes the panties leak proof.

I do now no longer just like the in shape at all. It made the entirety I am self Conscious approximately my butt and thighs squeeze out disgusting looking. I didn’t assume I become that thick.

It was so now no longer adorable and the panties are some distance from attractive and overlook approximately it being feminine.

Being in your duration and absolutely feeling unattractive shouldn’t couple in a couple of panties.

Best underwear for period pads

Best underwear for period pads

Maybe I’ll strive for an x-big even though in VS I am a medium in panties and the entirety else. These parties may also store You from leaking for some hours or so, however, there is going your intercourse life.

I desired to like them. I sold pairs. I wager it’s far feasible that they’re each faulty however they leaked all around the place.

I sold those to seize the little overflow from my menstrual cup.

(Menstrual cups are wonderful via way of means of the manner and are the manner to go.)

  • Leak Proof Protective Panties for Women/Girl Menstrual Period

Best underwear for period pads

Best underwear for period pads

I simply leak a bit on a primary day and normally put on a panty liner so I desired to strive those to update a PANTY LINER and the blood SOAKS ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Wearing everyday undies might have absorbed greater! I made certain I wasn’t sporting them internal out or something.

I attempted them on numerous events and the blood (which become minimal) soaked all of the manners via to my pants.

Terrible, terrible product. Do now no longer buy.

It’s a length low in contrast to an everyday purchase.

Best underwear for period pads

Best underwear for period pads

Definitely length up! I wasn’t certain how I’d experience approximately duration panties, however, I’ve been looking to lessen waste, bypass plastic, and shield the environment.

I attempted ‘all-natural’ pads, and that they weren’t absorbent and simply made a mess! Decided to strive for the duration panties…

I have become so impressed! It wasn’t as messy as sporting a pad, and greater absorbent…

The subsequent morning, I wore them into the shower (as cautioned at the website) and rinsed them honestly excellent earlier than washing them withinside the washing machine with my everyday sensitive load.

  •  Sporty Period Panties | Protective Active Wear Underwear

Best underwear for period pads

I went again and acquired sufficient to closing my entire cycle! I hate throwing away so.

Many pads each month. It feels first-class to lessen a number of my private waste.

I individually have a mild weight waft and while my waft is heavier I use a diva cup.

Although I use a diva cup I like having the thin panties for added peace of mind.

I best sold one, however, once I had my duration I discovered it becomes an honestly smooth handy wash and uses once more as soon as dried. I wore Speex one night time after which threw it away.

Best underwear for period pads

That’s $forty gone. The pad becomes so thick it becomes uncomfortable.

It puckered on the again and felt like sporting a diaper. I’ve been attempting several leakproof undies to discover the proper in shape and experience.

I do not need to put on a pad each day, for this reason why I’ve been searching for leakproof undies.

I become hopeful Speex might be it after seeing an assessment that stated the liner prolonged similarly up the front. Nope.

It felt incorrect the instant I attempted it on. These in shape as predicted and I become surprised. Pleasantly.

  • Lace Hip Period Panties

Best underwear for period pads

I am going to reserve every other pair. I had no leaks whilst I become sporting them however due to how they in shape and experience they need to paintings.

Ones withinside the beyond have lasted a protracted time, comfy, no sliding round like a pad, absorbent.

But this pair I simply bought, the absorbent fabric withinside the crotch place bunched up and looks like you are sporting three pads filled on your perineum.

It felt abnormal and barely bunched after the primary time sporting however after the second one wash they’re very uncomfortable.

Best underwear for period pads

When I first bought undies like those it become from the Icon organization and had been wonderful than this organization I was given the equal superb product. But this time become a bust for 39 dollars.



there isn’t always an alternative for my touch upon the selection to touch the seller.

And you can’t go back undies. I want this object and could pursue different brands. I had deliberate on buying three pairs however am seeking out a distinctive organization.

  • Menstrual & Incontinence Underwear

Best underwear for period pads

If everybody has suggestions, please tell.

Very warm to put on, I assume due to the stretch cloth after which the padding of course.

I will maintain trying.

I’m approximately 250 lbs and 5’5”, I ended up buying a 5x due to the fact with amazon garb I typically significantly overshoot due to the fact.

I can usually make a product smaller if wished and that turned into the proper attitude with this underwear.

Best underwear for period pads

This product does precisely what you need it to do however I could advocate going a length or up out of your normal length in case you plan on sporting it while you’re bloated.

Very snug material and sits properly. I could genuinely purchase it again.

It takes a long term to dry, as may be expected, so buying a couple isn’t always an awful idea.

It ended up hitting me properly on the stomach button.

I honestly attempted those and I felt that it felt like I turned into sporting a pad as opposed to underwear.

Best underwear for period pads

The lower back crotch line turned into too wide, and after approximately three-four washings of following the manufacturer’s commands the internal liner got here unfastened and bunched up.

Maybe attempt a length smaller, or in case you best leak a little, those I experience are for greater bladder leakage issues.

They had been snug otherwise, in shape I experience I need to have ordered one length smaller than the chart indicated.

I honestly desired to love this product, however, sadly they didn’t paintings for me.

I turned into debating getting a medium or huge due to the fact I can fall in among the sizes of the ones sometimes.

  • Underwear for Bladder Leak Protection

Best underwear for period pads

I typically put on a length of 10 garbs. I ordered a huge and even though they’re a piece too large, they nonetheless labored as a long way as length goes.

The purpose I gave them one supermegacelebrity score is due to the fact after the primary wash (bloodless mild cycle/lay flat to dry/no dryer) the absorbent layer interior crumpled up and they’re unusable now.

I attempted to finagle it flat however can’t get it to paintings. Disappointed due to the fact they fee a lot! Interestingly.

I additionally ordered a couple of Speex withinside the bikini fashion and people haven’t finished that (yet?), so I’m hoping they keep up better!

Maybe this primary one turned into flawed? I had ordered those earlier than while the organization turned into named Thinx.

  • Period Panty for Tweens & Women Menstrual Underwear 

Best underwear for period pads

It turned into sold-out via way of means of this organization.

The panty itself may be very skinny in comparison to those I bought previously.

These are very pricey however the ones earlier than lasted more than one year so the charge in step with ware turned into reasonable. But those are a lot thinner I’d be amazed if they final a yr.

These infants have stored my daughter’s sanity. Lol

My lady is 10 and has Autism. Pads had been very worrying for her and tough to use properly Best underwear for period pads.

These panties permit her experience like simply every other 10 yr vintage that’s VERY important. No strain or discomfort.

  • String Bikini Panties (Regular & Plus Size)

Best underwear for period pads

Thank you a lot! My daughter is 12 and began out her length some months ago. She is likewise an aggressive cheerleader and sporting a thick pad wasn’t honestly an option.

She wasn’t snug sporting a tampon so every other mother advised me those had been their great length panties. I had a hysterectomy some years lower back so I had no private experience.

I sold those and my daughter turned into in heaven! She wore the panties on my own on her mild days and wore a skinny pad on her heavy days. She stated they in shape so nice, are you and do not experience like she is sporting a ‘diaper’.

Best underwear for period pads

I sold 3 greater so she has eight. I do want them to get here in stable black.

My eleven-year vintage refuses to put on pads. It’s combat and a half.

Someone advised me approximately length panties. So I went on a search.

The first pair we sold did not keep and leaked. You need to put on a pad with the ones…

Well, that would not do. So we sold those.

No pad wished. They do not leak and keep thoroughly throughout her periods.

  • Teen Period Panties Cotton 

Best underwear for period pads

No greater fights or meltdowns over pads.

I advocate shopping for numerous pairs as you may want to clean them and cling dry them.

I’ve labored out a machine that works for us. I turned into very concerned among the charge and a number of the reviews, however, those are properly really well worth it.

(I can not position a charge on one much less meltdown I need to deal with.) kiddo loves them. Says they’re snug and in shape thoroughly.

If you’ve got got a baby like mine, who can not stand the texture of pads and is not geared up for tampons, simply do it.

Go for it.

It’s really well worth it I sold those for my youngsterager in what turned into defined at an eleven/12 which need to had been nearly too large for her however oddly best 1 of the three withinside the field in shape.

  • High-Cut Bikinis Menstrual Leak Proof Underwear 

Best underwear for period pads

2 had been too small & now I’m caught with the two pairs that I can not use on account that she wore one. Great idea however rather disappointed.

A waste of money.

For reference, we ordered the dimensions 13/14, and my daughter has a 28” waist & 34” hip, she says they healthy perfectly.

Can’t endorse sufficient. Got those for my 10-year antique, she likes them an awful lot higher than pads & stated they’re cushty. Just ordered every other three percent so laundry isn’t this sort of rush.

They take a chunk to air dry possibly due to the absorbency. No leaks even overnight.

Bought those for my 14 & 12 years antique to apply.

They put on a women’s length 4-6. I ordered the 9-10 & those would possibly healthy 6 YR OLD. SUPER SMALL.

  • Period Panties for Light-Medium Discharge

Best underwear for period pads

I am returning them. However, they did appear like properly made and could be outstanding again up panties to apply with a pad or tampon for leakage. The cloth changed into stretchy, now no longer cotton.

More of spandex.

Might strive for a bigger length however we’ve used Ruby Love withinside the past & concept we might strive for every other brand.

But, with a package deal of seven Ruby’s you pay approximately $15/consistent with pair ( such as tax ).

These are a chunk highly-priced at $23/ consistent with pair for a brief.

I can most effective discover their multi-packs that include three one of a kind styles. We decide on the briefs for extra insurance. Good luck.

Best underwear for period pads

Okay, so I love it!! Some days duration is certainly heavy and I put on those as an again up for my tampons on the times I’m coming off very light (should put on a panty liner) I simply put on those and not anything else.

I noticed a few humans withinside the feedback complaining that those aren’t absorbent.

I don’t assume they’re intended to be a treatment all in case you’re having a non-stop flow.

You will nonetheless want to put on a tampon… those are an again up and simply maintain you from bleeding thru undergarments and marking your clothing.

SUPER useful at night time in case you are heavy too.

Best underwear for period pads

They do run small. Usually, I put on a small in the whole thing I offered a medium and that they healthy a chunk comfortable however are nonetheless cushty. The product changed into luckily obtained through granddaughter.

Was very thrilled at its effectiveness and comfort. Boy shorts are her favorite so I’ll be ordering those with confidence.

I offered a couple of those once they had been a one of a kind brand – appreciated them, however rate saved me from shopping for extra.

Decided to strive for every other pair and those are so one of a kind: the liner is so thick I sense like I actually have a massive pad in there.

Not cushty. I concept I offered the ones (through mistake) for heavy leakage.

Wish they could deliver alternatives like before. Won’t purchase again.

Best underwear for period pads

My most effective remorse isn’t always shopping for this sooner.

It is precise as advertised. Will genuinely purchase again.

These are amazing!!! I bought a 2nd pair, and I’ll possibly purchase extra. I actually have brought 7 children. I exercising and run, however nonetheless usually leak. It’s usually been a struggle.

But those make me sense extra cushty and healthy outstanding beneath neath my jogging shorts.

And they certainly do work!!! I’m surprised Oh my gosh I love those.

I used them for my duration and that they’re amazing. Better than pads, the cup, or something. So it’s.definitely the incorrect length, it reaches my chest and sags on the bottom.

  • Period Underwear for Women

Best underwear for period pads

I could say it’s .possibly 2 sizes off.what their chart indicated I should get These labored properly for my moderate pressure incontinence however then I commenced to ask, “Do I actually need to put on urine-soaked panties all day?”

I determined to move again to disposable pads for now. I truly love those panties.

After I bought my one pair to strive for them I fell in love with the primary put on and also have bought 7 pairs. I not ought to put on pads and the smell manipulate is amazing. They have actually modified my life.

I’d been considering shopping for Thinx undies for a while.

I recognize no person individually who has attempted them and so I changed into certainly at the fence approximately it for a protracted time.

They’re $30-$40+/- PER PAIR, folks. That’s one hell of a commitment.

  • Teen Period Underwear – Brief Panties

Best underwear for period pads

So, I figured I’d strive out my handy-dandy oh-so-cherished Amazon and notice what they needed to offer.

After sifting thru numerous other “duration undies”, this changed into the most effective one which absolutely stated it can be used as a REPLACEMENT for pads/tampons (all others had been as ‘backup safety from leaks’.

The critiques had been quite good, too, so after analyzing a chunk to make certain of the healthy and length I must order, I took the plunge. I’m 5’8″ and weigh approximately 105-one hundred ten lbs;

I generally put on a length of 2/small.

I ordered a Small and changed into surprised at how properly they healthy.

They got here in an undeniable plastic bag inner of a padded Amazon delivery bag. No bizarre production scent or something like that.

  • Underwear for Bladder Leak Protection

Best underwear for period pads

They’re exquisite tender and did I point out how properly they healthy?

The waist comes up simply excessive sufficient to cowl my hip bones, however is tender sufficient to now no longer press on an already-abused abdomen; they cowl my cheeks and do not slip around at some stage in the day, either.

I mean, they may be even nonetheless a touch horny however in a very innocent/sensible manner.

There is not a peculiar plastic-y feeling, however, you could listen crinkling withinside the absorbent/leak-evidence fabric as you are setting them on, however it is now no longer sufficient to listen at some stage in your day.

Best underwear for period pads

The insurance place is greater than what I noticed of Thinx on their website, too.

The insurance is going all of the manners from the pinnacle of my pubic bone, down and round, all of the manners as much as the waistband at the again.

The undies healthy snugly, however now no longer “tightly”, do not circulate, do not shift, and do not put on out to turn out to be free and saggy in the direction of the give-up of the day (or maybe thru the night time).

This was my first experience with period panties. I have a medical situation that makes it uncomfortable to wear tampons or cups right now, and I really hate pads.

This seemed like my best option, and I am glad I tried it.

I don’t think they are meant to be worn alone, but I have a lighter flow, so I got away with it for most of my cycle.

  • 4 Pack Cotton Teen Girls Period Panties 

Best underwear for period pads

They were comfortable and absorbent. I had to wash after wearing the first three pairs because they have to air dry after washing, so I couldn’t expect them to dry while on my last pair.

They do swish a little when walking in pajamas but I don’t hear it under jeans.

They are a little hot, but sweat is absorbed. This may be TMI, but farting in leakproof underwear is a weird experience.

Overall, these are fantastic. My cycle is no fun, but they made part of it easier.

These have a think layer in them that crinkles loudly! I don’t like that sound.

I also don’t love the seams up the middle of my butt cheeks.

I would invest in something thinner, like a bamboo panty. I got a medium and I’m 135. The fit is fine.

I told my husband that I was wanting to get some panties to wear during my period as I was wanting to move away from panty liners whenever possible.

Best underwear for period pads


We tried another brand that I liked, but that has since been discontinued.

My husband did some research and came across these.

My only wish is that I had found them earlier.

These are so comfortable and breathable. If I didn’t know better, I would suspect that they are no different than any of the other underwear I own, but they indeed are.

I wear them each month and have for the last several months and have never had any leakage.

I love them so much I plan on buying at least one more pack to ensure I can make it through an entire period without having to do laundry (if needed)

Best underwear for period pads

Bought these for my 15-year-old daughter. According to the size chart, she was at the top end of XS, so we bought the SMALL to accommodate a pad or in case she grows/gains weight.

She LOVES them. She said that they are very comfortable and do not make noise as some other reviewers stated.
I purchased a different style of the same brand and LOVE them.

Extremely comfy, no noise, breathable protection from moisture, no complaints at all.

I began out my trial run of those awful boys on Day 2 of my duration (that is the heaviest).

I can normally undergo an S+ tampon in approximately four hours on Day 2.

After 6 hours of guide hard work and several intermittent standing/sitting, I felt like I turned into checking out the future if I left them on any longer. No want to worry, however.

Best underwear for period pads


These matters had masses of combat left in them. I did alternate into a brand new pair, however then I wore that 2nd pair via the evening, (unexpectedly) fell asleep in them, and wore them via breakfast the subsequent morning.

Totally pleasant. Even via that early-morning “gush and rush” run to the restroom after sitting up in bed.

No leaks. My garments and sheets have been definitely covered at some point in all of this. And cleansing them?

Not as awful as a few would possibly fear.

There’s no gross purple clots or darkish sludge.

It’s a couple of black panties that you rinse withinside the sink (or bathe if it is that point of the day for you).

Best underwear for period pads

A little ruddy-brown water rinses away till it is clear, then hold them at the aspect of the sink/bath so that they do not mold at the same time as expecting the showering machine. Easy Peasy Rice and Cheesy.

I’ll by no means pass lower back to pads/tampons. Ever. Again.

I’m a lady athlete, a persistent runner and as of overdue a strength lifter/strongman in schooling. Any lady athlete can testify that schooling in your duration is the pits. Tampons slip.

Pads are wretched…simply UGH! But if I desired to preserve schooling via my duration I needed to locate a choice that worked. So after buying round and seeing many unaffordable alternatives I located this product.

I examine via the opinions and notion hi there shall we provide it a shot.

My Findings: I measured my hips with a tape degree and bought the dimensions primarily based totally on Amazon endorsed length chart.

The healthy turned into best for me. A lady who’s a touch “hippier” would possibly need to length up, however, I even have thin little European white lady butt, and that they have been pleasant.

Best underwear for period pads

Because I did not need to compromise the product I observed the endorsed washing commands to a “T”.

So day of my duration, it’s far a heavy waft day and nowadays turned into heavy squats on the gym. The perfect first time, check run.

I wore the panties without different hygiene aid, simply the panty and my exercising spandex Best underwear for period pads.

You should slightly see a panty line. Other opinions mention “loud plastic noise” Not a difficulty throughout put on I located.

The “noise” turned into the same as if I wore a maxi pad so no huge deal.

I turned into capable of getting my complete workout in without pain or unplanned lavatory breaks. Best of all, no scent, no leak via! My schooling consultation turned into an hour and a half-hour long.

So I come home, get equipped to bathe. In the panty, I will be aware of a sizeable quantity of moisture withinside the crotch, a probable mixture of blood, and sweat.

Since I’m now no longer one to waste strength or water- for prewash care I rinsed them withinside the sink of bloodless water, positioned.

Best underwear for period pads

Hydrogen peroxide at the crotch given that it is a splendid blood/microorganism cleaner, then rinsed in bloodless water again.

No scent at the same time as they’re ready in my delicates bin for the subsequent complete wash cycle.

In Summary: They greater than served the particular cause wherein I sold them for Best underwear for period pads.

I probably would not agree with them for all-day safety or in a single day safety with out a tampon on heavy days.

But for mild days and workouts-WINNER! These are fantastic.

I ordered a touch larger primarily based totally on different opinions, and I assume I should are becoming away with my real length, however, they may be tight withinside the leg holes (that sounds SO bizarre however whatever).

I use a menstrual cup and those are my existence changers so I do not need to use liners all day each day. I even have PCOS so my duration is ridiculously painful and my uterus loves generating so. much. detritus.


Best underwear for period pads

My cup isn’t always sufficient to preserve all of the fluid for greater than hours on more than one of my heaviest days, so I leak. These panties keep my garb and my peace of mind. They’re comfortable.

I’ve washed them, they may be pleasant and maintain their length well.

I turned into quite thrilled with those. As they may be the primary menstrual panties I even have tried Best underwear for period pads.

I even have endometriosis so for eight days immediately I am very heavy.

Have to put on almost diaper pads and extra every 30 mins.

With those, I turned into capable of put on the underclothes and first-rate and be cushty for a pair hours earlier than desiring to extrude.

During the quit whilst my days have been lighter I didn’t want to apply a pad at all.

Best underwear for period pads

I ordered a medium and that they have been now no longer uncomfortable at all.

Fit splendid and plenty quieter than I predicted due to different reviews Best underwear for period pads.

If you’ve got some other noise withinside the room nobody will listen to those (which includes you). Very cushty and cute.

I love the layout and it makes them clean to locate withinside the washing machine due to the fact they can not pass withinside the dryer. I felt secure going out and now no longer traumatic if I might leak through  Best underwear for period pads.

I might purchase those again. I love those. Even as a severe bleeder I can nonetheless use those by myself on my mild days without worry.

I use those as a backup to a menstrual cup on medium to heavy days Best underwear for period pads.

A lot higher than reusable pads due to the fact they do not slip and slide all around the location.

It is sufficient in a % that you could extra de regularly as they begin to get crammed up.

Best underwear for period pads

They are so soft, and I have not chaffed with those as of but in contrast to everyday underclothes at some point of my duration.

Highly advocate for mild days/bleeders or menstrual cup backups Best underwear for period pads.

We sold a length up, they match splendidly. She is a length 6/eight and we sold the most important length.

Teenager daughter loves those. They will keep a whole lot of fluid, and assist prevent leaks.

They have held up nicely withinside the wash too! Look and sense like everyday undies. They do make any sound either, very discreet. Bought those duration panties recently.

I’ve used them for 1 cycle. They appear to paintings ok(I use them as a backup for my FEMME CYCLE CUP.)


AND sure I accompanied the WASHING INSTRUCTIONS. So simplest three stars from me.

Best underwear for period pads

I was the use of those because being 2 weeks put up parting with my 2nd child, they were splendid Best underwear for period pads.

 Heavier bleeding is done, even though I assume those should have dealt with it, perhaps now no longer all day however 4-five hrs at a time. Let me spoil down, the important thing points:Best underwear for period pads

The match – I’m a curvy UK 10-12 length and purchased medium Best underwear for period pads.

They are a piece tight at the leg holes (as others say) however, now no longer uncomfortable and I locate maximum quick fashion underclothes are on me.

I’m additionally put up parting so I assume those will match flawlessly another time of the child weight comes off.

Best underwear for period pads

They are medium upward push and live up withinside the returned (a hassle I even have with many pants/trousers) Performance – as said earlier, simply true for all-day recognizing and a few occasional heavier flows.

They don’t sense like carrying a pad (in truth the pads I had worn the primary 2 weeks have been beginning to annoy me!) and no noticeable “noisiness” in carrying them Best underwear for period pads.

Have now no longer had any leaks and haven’t any concept what / how an awful lot is being absorbed as they may be jet black (yay).

I simplest understand after I rinse them earlier than washing they did something at all!Best underwear for period pads

Practicality – amazing. These become an everyday object for me along with a menstrual cup Best underwear for period pads.

So clean, no mess, no filling a waste bin, no emergency journeys to the drugstore for greater pads. Easy to wash, simply dangle dry on a rack.

Best underwear for period pads

Never notion I would love those so an awful lot! These are very cushty and by no means plastic-y feeling as duration pants can be.

They’ve were given a cute excessive waist, in contrast to the various brands’ bikini fashion that sits below your bloated duration belly Best underwear for period pads, highlighting it for all to see!

Since shopping for them I’ve worn them in the location of everyday underclothes in addition to for meant use. The panel on the front stops too low for me to securely put on in a single day –


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On my usual (greater steeply-priced and plastic-y) duration pants, the leak evidence panel is all of the manner, Best underwear for period pads  the front to returned.

These additionally have a propensity to creep up my butt in a single day that can result in facet leakage.

These are a notable price range set and I certainly might advocate them for anybody who doesn’t bleed too excessive on the front.

Ordered the use of my get dressed length – the best match for me even though the scale manual measurements cautioned I order a length up.

Excellent items.

Best underwear for period pads

The daughter struggled with pads due to sensory processing variations however those are concepts from day three. Uses reusable bamboo pads with those for heavier days.

Imagine a couple of panties with a sheet of plastic sewn among 2 portions of cloth. Now believe that plastic sheet is going all of the manners up the returned of the panties. Now believe that plastic crinkles while you walk Best underwear for period pads.

Also, believe that you need to wash them one by one out of your different laundry due to the fact they require bloodless water (due to the plastic) and no cloth softener. If you LIKE what you imagined, pass in advance and order those.

Otherwise, be clever and store your money.

These are splendid for mild recognizing or the time wherein your duration drags on. However, the match is not splendid and I’d recommend reserving large in case you get them.

Best underwear for period pads



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